STILL no computer

So, Dave finally gets my mac back on Friday. Apparantly the whole hard drive was failing and they replaced it...but, obviously more than that is failing...

I was so excited yesterday morning to open up my computer and start it up in hopes of it having "like-new" speed and capability. HOWEVER, after being on it about 2 minutes, the whole thing just went black and died on me....I stared in disbelief at this blue-gray screen that eventually just went completely black on me, not really knowing what to do.

All that to say that Dave thinks maybe the screen didn't get connected all the way to the computer, so the screen is blacking out, but it doesn't even sound like the computer is on....but maybe it is???

So, no pictures and no great updates coming from the Castros...and probably not for a little while as my little iBook, once again, goes back to the Mac Dr.


No Computer

They say that you don't realize how grateful you are for something, until you don't have it anymore. And I will add, how reliant you are! Very true. Yes, my computer has many issues and is, once again, at the computer doctor...and according to Dave, this will be the last time. Our warranty is up in a few months, so we took advantage of it and are getting it in working order to try to sell and then get another one.

That's why you have not heard from us in awhile or seen any pictures. I won't be able to upload them until I get my computer back (I'm on Dave's right now...and I forget PC's...keep messing up all the commands).

On another note, it's made me aware of how much I rely on my computer for internet..even simple things like looking up a phone number and my calendar, which has my schedule and recipes. But, on the other hand, I also realize how distrating my computer can be. Not having it has has given me the opportunity to do some other things around the house like painting a wall that I have been meaning to do for...well, too long! This past week, I had the idea of having one day a week when I would not use the computer at all, except for first thing in the morning and at night, like I am now. I see how it can be good for my schedule, allow me to give undistracted attention to things that I might not do otherwise and I see how it would also be good for my soul. It could help me evaluate if I am giving too much time to email, etc. and to evaluate if my computer time has become an idol.

Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to post some more soon again and get some pictures up.


Redeeming the day for good

Selah woke up in the middle of the night and felt fairly warm, so I gave her some tylenol. She went back to sleep finally and woke up again 2 hours later for the day (5am). She was restless, fussy, yet sometimes lethargic, just wanted to be held and wouldn't really eat. She took a great morning nap. When she woke up, I tried out a brand new thermometer cause I couldn't find the one I usually use. I put it under her arm and it registered only around 99 or slightly below. I held off from giving her anymore meds. All day she was miserable. Again, after her afternoon nap, she felt warm to me and I took her temperature - 98.6 - perfect....but not really! After more crying, I finally did the old butt method and right away, it shot up to close to 103. I felt terrible!!! Oh well, the Lord used it all! It was a very sanctifying day and I threw my schedule out the window and just did the essentials. After another dose of good ole tylenol in the late afternoon, little Gracie was running around and even laughing a bit, and wanted to go outside.

Right now, we have clean clothes (somehow I did manage to get some laundry done), everyone is fed, and my soul is at peace...even though not much else got done today. So, I am going to bed tonight giving thanks to my Savior for the grace He provided today, even in the midst of my many sinful moments. It's days like today that make me aware, all the more, of how dependant I am....and just like Selah was very needy for Mama to hold her non-stop, so I am very needy for my Savior to hold me up and carry me in His arms with fresh mercy for each day.


Finishing up the letter "A"

This week Mckenna and I continued on the letter "A." She has gotten much better at writing the letter and can tell the uppercase and lowercase apart. We did a few fun crafts and yesterday made some applesauce together from the apples we picked last week. How I love the smell of fresh apples cooking on the stove! I have many fond memories of my mom making applesauce when I was growing up. Here is her very easy recipe:


It's best to choose apples that are more of the sweeter side.
Cut up apples to fill a pot of choice. Boil until very soft. Drain.
If the colander you use has large holes, set it in a bowl and pound the apples with a meat hammer or potato masher. This should push the apple flesh through the holes, leaving the skin.
If you find that this doesn't work and your colander holes are not big enough (as in my case), I pulled out my food processor and put the apples in, even with the skin. You might want to add a tad bit of water.
Add cinnamon to taste and enjoy!


Learning the purpose of a schedule

Starting about 2 weeks ago, I started myself and the girls on a stricter schedule than we have had in the past. I went away for the day and came up with up with what each day of the week would look like in an "effort" to align my days to the priorities I believe God has called me to. This part took much longer than I anticipated, but once in place and Dave had gone over it, I sought to put it into practice.

So far, it has gone very well, actually much better than I had anticipated. However, I am learning that the purpose of this schedule is to serve my family and me, not for me to serve the schedule. For instance, just yesterday an unexpected meeting came up in the evening that Dave wanted us to attend. Instead of cleaning bathrooms, which was on the schedule, I needed to prepare some food for the meeting. This morning I had a brief moment of thinking, "ugg, the bathrooms never got cleaned." It was more of a complaining heart than it was a grateful one for being able to do what we did last night and be with friends. I reminded myself what Dave has often told me..."the bathrooms will always be there." So, the schedule was not kept to a "T" fact, it rarely is! I often am tweaking it and adjusting it to best serve my family. So, instead of complaining because I don't get things done, usually the things I want to do, I need to be grateful for God's plan for each of my days...that can often look very different from what I desire. But, as a friend recently told me, interruptions are God's interventions in our day and, I might add, our schedules. That's truth I must seek to remember!


Talking away

Selah is trying hard everyday to say something new. Her vocabulary is rapidly growing. Her farvorites continue to be Papa, uh oh, and ma ma ma ma...usually only when she wants me to hold her.

A few new words are bubble, baby (this came with baby June!), ba ba (bottle), thank you, help (which sounds more like "hop") among others.

It's too cute and we are thoroughly enjoying listen to her gab away. Mckenna loves it when she says something new and is quick to point it out and encourage her.

Not much is new around here. Today was crisp and cool, especially in the morning...a taste of Fall, I can't wait for it to arrive!


Little June


A is for Apple

This week we have been doing a number of fun things to learn the letter A. On Wednesday, we went Apple picking with the Sheffers. Again, I forgot to bring my camera, but we had such a great time. Mckenna thoroughly enjoyed picking from the trees as the branches hung low enough for even Selah to reach. As for Selah, she just wandered around taking bites out of various apples that had fallen to the ground or were rotten (I know, yuck!).

Today we made apple prints from one of the apples that we picked. Mckenna could do things like this all day long, if she could. It's so fun to see her enjoying these things and to be able to do it with her!



This week Mckenna started Preschool! Already we have had so much fun. Along with a preschool curiculum workbook, we are also focusing on a letter a week...or maybe it will end up a being a letter every 2 weeks. I think Mckenna might need the extra week to grasp each one. This week is the letter "A." More on that to come. Here is our first day.


Welcome June Elizabeth Lillian Plunnecke!

What a surprise! After 3 boys, my sister finally has a girl...and on her birthday no less. I got a call from Kel around 2am Saturday morning, asking me to come over cause she thought she might be in labor. I jumped in the shower, threw on the first clothes I could find and stumbled (literally) out the door (thinking, "purse, camera, phone"). With those items in hand, I raced over to Kels. They were getting ready to head out the door, as her doctor had called and said to go get checked out. I waited for Irma Najarro (you are a champ, Irma!) to arrive to stay with the boys and sent Mark and Kel on ahead. Once Irma arrived I took off and caught up with Mark and Kel (yes, I probably was going a tad too fast ;o).

Shortly after arriving, it was clear that Kelly was in labor, but labor progressed fairly slow, which was a surprise. After Ty's 3 hour labor, we were thinking she might not make it to the hospital the next time. She went ahead and got the epidural and I think she was glad she did. After much laboring (11 hours), she was ready to push and in only about 2 pushes, out came...a girl, to everyone's surprise! I screamed, mom screamed, "it's a girl!" What a moment! I'll never forget it. What a cutie she is! I think she looks just like Larsen.

For me, it was love at first sight. All I want to do is kiss her little chubby cheeks! How I love all my nephews with all my heart, but oh how I will love having a niece!


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