Mckenna's prayer

Just a quick update...the moving truck finally arrived this past Tuesday and it's been a busy and exhausting few days of unpacking, finding things and trying to get settled. Still much to do, but we are making progress. The girls miss home (we all do) but they are adjusting. Last night at dinner, Dave led us wonderfully in taking time to go around the table and thank the Lord for his blessings. Even little Addie was peeking up at Daddy as he prayed and copying him by bowing her head, with hands on her forehead, and mumbling in her little toddler talk. Priceless. I loved what Mckenna prayed next...

"Lord I know you had us move here to Tennessee for Daddy's new job...and I trust you for that."

It blessed my heart to hear her pray that. And, yes, we trust the Lord for each new day here and all that he has for us here.


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