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Per Dave's suggestion, I'll try to post some thoughts/reflections/good quotes from my times of reading.

I have come to realize how important it is to discipline and direct my thoughts. I will always be thinking about something and I need to be sure that I am thinking on the right things. According to Phil. 4:8-9, I must always be sure that my thoughts reflect what is TRUE and RIGHT. This means that Scripture prohibits me from allowing my imagination to come up with and dwell on situations that might be, but are not currently reality. This kind of thinking only leaves me anxious and fearful of future events. Such thoughts are not God-focused and are not viewed through the lens of future grace. Ther is only grace for TODAY! There is not grace for tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. When that day comes, there will be grace sufficient for it and the trials it holds. Matt 6:34 is a verse that has come to serve me so well:
“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."

May you experience the abundant grace God has provided you for today!


Up on all fours

Selah has officially graduated from the army crawl to the full-blown hands and knees crawl. She could not be more tickled with herself. Boy does she get around now! We find ourselves asking often, "Where is Selah?"....we'll find her hanging out in the bathroom, trying to climb upstairs and everything in between.


According to Mckenna

Kel was watching the girls when I ran to the grocery store today. This is the conversation that took place. She sent it out as an email to a few of us and here is the email strain the ensued. It was so funny not to post:

Kelly writes:

"so Mckenna is trying ot make herself as big as Keenan, standing on her
tip toes. 'See Keenan, I'm as big as you.' And I was like, 'sorry
girlie, I don't think you'll ever be as big as Keenan since he has such
a big daddy.'

Then she goes...'but my papa...he's as big as me!'

I can't stop laughing!"

Dave responded:
"Lol! Cut and print!"

Esther says:
"Dave, you're so great that you would find that funny!"

Dave responded:
"When you've been as short as I am, as clammy as I am and as bald as I
am, with a little bit of grace, you begin to accept it...;)

Thanks Esther"

My mom piped in:
"Oh, my goodness, I can't stop you all!"


Mommy's little helpers

Mckenna loves to "help" dust mop and wet mop for me....Selah loves to watch!


Currently reading...

Anxiety Attacked. This is a great book (so far) and is equipping me with rich truth to apply to my weakness of fear and anxiety. One of my resolutions this year is to be reading more. My tendency is to always run to my "to dos" and not settle down to rest and read. I love doing it, but for me it's hard when I am aware of the thousands of things calling for my attention. So, I figure that by posting what I am reading it will hopefully help motivate me to pause and stop to read, even a few pages during the girls nap time or right before bed. Thanks to all of you around me, who constantly provoke me by your pursuit of reading. May I seek to be more like you!


All the cousins

I forgot to post this picture a few weeks back (and yes, I'm trying to catch up a bit on my blog). My dad came for a visit a few weeks ago and the boys came over to play and spend some time with him. As always, it's so fun to have them all together and watch them play...they are growing up so fast!


Feeding baby bear

The other day Mckenna announced that her little bear was hungry. She put her bear in Selah's chair, buckled him in, and asked for a bowl, spoon and "food." I quickly realized that she was doing everything like I do when I feed Selah Grace...she even pulled up the stool to sit on like I always do. But then she ran off and said she needed to find the phone. I wasn't quite sure what she was doing. She came running back, settled herself back on the stool and proceeded to try to balance talking on the phone and feeding her bear. She pretended like she was talking with K....I felt like I was watching a mini me! I probably chat with my sister at least once a day and often more. Anyway, it was too cute not to capture in picture!

Here she is dialing K's number

She'll be a great multi-tasker!


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