What if...

That's a question that I've been regularly tempted to ask lately about a multitude of areas on our lives right now. "What if this....and what if that...?" It leaves me fearful and scared. It seems that things in our life have consistently for so long gone from hard to harder to yet even harder.

So, what should I do with all the "What ifs?" This...

"Do not forecast the future, but take each things as it comes to you, then look upon it as the present expression of the will of God concerning you; and thus receive your day piece by piece from Him who remembers you need strength for every piece.

Often, when you have almost fainted in spirit the thought comes 'What if...' Put it far from you! It is a faithless thought! If you need more strength, you will have it - be sure of that! Leave the future in His hands, the hands who will be sure to do the best - the very best! -for you." - Priscilla Maurice

Thanks for the quote, Kristen!


More on Selah's birthday

I am slowly working through all my pictures from the last couple of weeks. Last night I put together a little video since I had a good many from Selah's birthday celebration.

Selah's 4th birthday from Heather Castro on Vimeo.



In just a few days Mckenna will be finishing up Kindergarten. I can't believe it...it seems like just yesterday we sent her off on her first day and I cried. She has had a wonderful year at Covenant Life School!

Next year she will be in first grade and we have decided to homeschool her, as well as do some things with Selah for preschool. I am so looking forward to having more time with Mckenna and, yes, learning with her. The past week, I have spent every spare moment doing research on curriculum and reading a ton, late into the evening, trying to wrap my puny brain around all the different options out there. Thankfully, I have some dear and experienced friends who have wisely guided me in this endeavor, so the job has been much easier than it could have been.

I've made some key decisions, but still need to decide on a Phonics program.

I have so many pictures from Selah's birthday and our time up at Williamsport with the Ploons and Mark's family. Hope to go through them soon to share.


Happy Birthday, Selah!

Yesterday, June 3, was Selah Grace's 4th Birthday. It was a flurry of activity, from the moment we awoke until I put my head down on the pillow near midnight. And today we are getting ready for a party (Luau theme!) this evening. Simple but fun (I hope). So, while I have a few minutes here, just wanted to say what an immense joy this little girl has been and continues to be to our family. I can't imagine life without her. She has brought so much happiness to our home. I love you, sweet girl! Happy, happy birthday to you!



Precious moment

...when Mckenna asked me today if she could use her money to go buy a birthday present for Selah. So, out we went tonight with all her 21 quarters and got Selah a very fine gift. Personally I think she'll love it and Mckenna could not be more excited for tomorrow to come so she can wrap it all up.

How I love my girls and, despite how exhausting this season is, seem to love and enjoy them more and more every day.


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