Our New Home

Where to start?? We are so blessed, grateful and still amazed to be waking up each morning in this home the Lord has given us. We officially have been here now for 3 weeks...3 very full weeks! Our days have been full of unpacking, getting settled, having lots of friends over, starting projects and "trying" to get back into a routine. I am so glad that we were able to move when we did and have a little time before baby girl #3 comes!

Thanks to everyone who helped us move! We are so grateful!! The move went so smoothly, despite a rainy day. Some of the guys who helped got absolutely soaked, but still served so joyfully. My dad and step-mom came up and stayed a few days and helped us so much. We are so indebted to them! Patti helped me get almost all of my kitchen unpacked, organized and helped me get the house cleaned. Dad helped move and then painted both the girl's room and the nursery - thanks so much you two!!! We could not have done what we did without you both! My mom took the girls all day Saturday and brought them over on Sunday morning - thanks Mom!

To everyone, please stop in anytime for a visit...we mean it! We are so enjoying being closer to our friends again and would love to hang out with you.

So many have been asking to see pictures. We just got our internet about 5 or so days ago, so I am still trying to get caught up on "computer work." I only have taken a few pictures of the outside while the girls have been playing and here's a glimpse...

The girls are loving being able to go outside so much. There is so much to discover in the yard and Selah has a new-found love for bugs!

...I am loving all the work the previous owners did on the landscaping. Flowers are coming up, however the deer around here eat just about everything!

The back of the house and the deck (that blue thing is a big blow up pool ;o).


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