A new home

Today we are closing on our new home. There have been a number of uncertainties along the way and so we have not wanted to post anything until we were just about at the settlement table! We are incredibly grateful to God for this blessing and for all that we have learned along the way in getting to this place. God has been so kind to us!

Tomorrow is the big move day! I know we could use a few more helping hands if anyone is free.

We are looking forward to being back in the area, but we will definitely miss being here with my mom. It has been such a blessing to live with her for 2 months.

I better run and get to packing up the rest of our stuff!


The cutest baby neices in the world...

neither of whom I see enough. I love em!




Life at Nani's

It's been almost 1 1/2 months since we have been at my moms. Life here has been such a blessing. The girls are loving being at Nani's and only wish she could be here all day long with them. They terribly dislike saying good-bye in the morning when she goes to work. Mckenna will often ask, "Can't you stay?" With being pregnant, it has been a nice break and I am actually glad that I didn't have to move right into another home after leaving our townhouse.

The girls have loved running around in the yard, digging in Nani's garden, watching Grammy's TV after dinner, and going for long walks around the neighborhood.

It will be bittersweet when we have to leave!

Grammy reading Mckenna a book

Saturday morning in Nani's garden


Baby update

What more could a mother want
than another chance to dress in pink
with pretty bows and a little lace.

To kiss another set of chubby cheeks
and lavish her with lots of love,
smiling into her tiny face.

To raise her and train her in all the ways
of keeping home, loving a family
and most of all, of amazing grace.




I am a bit behind, but wanted to record our recent Easter. It was a crazy time with moving, and even as I try to remember it now, I can't remember when we did what and who we were with...it's all a blur! But I'll do my best.

Despite the craziness, I was determined to make a memory with Mckenna. So, we made some Easter sugar cookies and decorated them to give out to family and friends. We also gave some to our neighbors (before we left our townhouse) with little notes thanking them for being such great neighbors and friends. We really could not have asked for better families to have around us while we lived there.

I gave Mckenna some cookie dough to roll out and get ready to cut. She had her own little idea! She instead made a face with her fingers in the dough.

The day before Easter was spent at Kel's house. My mom and uncle joined us all. My mom brought eggs filled with yogurt covered raisens and she hid them around for a little egg hunt for the kids.

Mouth full!

The morning of Easter, we gave each of the girls "Easter buckets" filled with a few treats and a few small gifts.

After breakfast, we headed out to church to celebrate what our Savior had accomplished for us in rising from the dead! What a joyous day Easter is when we remember Jesus' victory over the grave that makes our salvation possible. How grateful I am that my sins are atoned for and I can live with the knowledge that the greatest need I will EVER have has been met!

Later on in the day we went to Dave's Aunt Penny and Uncle Bill's house to spend time with his family. Unfortunately we got there late because of the girl's naps, but it was good to see everyone. I think I forgot my camera so no pictures to share.


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