I got this quote from my dear sister-in-law, who posted it on her gmail chat. May it strengthen you for the day's tasks.

"There is strength promised for you, for 'as your days so shall your strength be' Deut. 33:25. You must not excuse yourself from the battle because you are weak, for the Lord strengthens the feeble..." -Charles Spurgeon


Whirlwind weeks

Life is hectic, yet wonderful for us these days. My, there is so much to update on, and unfortunately, my blog has been at the bottom of the priority list. We have just about a week left in our home and I have been packing like crazy. In the midst of all this, we have had a number of welcomed interruptions, including a surprise visit from our friends from Sweden. About a week ago, Emil and Birgitta showed up on our doorstep. Talk about SURPRISE!!! I was numb and shocked and probably looked quite dumb with my mouth hanging open, standing in the doorway. Anyway, they spent that day and evening with us and we had a spontaneous dinner with some of their friends over. Then they came back a few days later to stay overnight. It was wonderful catching up with such dear friends! To my shame, I didn't take one picture :o(

This past weekend, Dave was able to get a bunch of our things put away in a storage unit that we will be renting until we find a permanent home. A couple from our cg came over and the husband helped Dave move lots of boxes out and the wife helped me pack (Thanks, Brandon and Annie!!!!). Later that evening we had some friends over for dinner. I was ready for bed that evening!

This week, Dave has been gone on a business trip. I have been trying to continue to pack up as well as get ready for Easter. I am finding that it's hard to do both!! My cookie time with Mckenna will end up being a 2 day process, instead of one afternoon, but that is fine. My mom came over, unexpectedly this evening, which was a HUGE blessing. I was able to get out and purchase a few things for my family in celebration of Easter and run to the grocery store for some needed food and milk. I didn't know how I was going to get out to do this and I found her visit a reminder from the Lord that He is involved with all the details and will provide all that I need.

An update on our housing situation would be that we are going to be living with my mom until we find a place. How grateful I am!!! I am grateful that I don't have to unpack everything and then pack it up again. All we need to bring with us are clothes, some toys and a few misc. items. What a blessing.

As for a baby update, I am 13 weeks today and feeling SO MUCH BETTER! It is amazing. I was just thinking today that I have not been nauseous for 2 days now and have made it through the past few days without a nap. It seems that week 13 with all my pregnancies has been the turning point.

Hopefully soon I'll have more time to post more updates on our family and take/share more pictures.



Packing up!

In about 3 weeks we'll be moving out of our home. It's very bittersweet. We have come to so love this place! We still have not found a house yet, but will be staying in temporary housing until we find our next home. We are hoping the Lord will provide something soon, but are trusting in His timing.

Most of my spare time has been spent packing up boxes lately. There is great benefit in moving, in that you get to organize, and purge. It's a great thing!

However, I don't always have that perspective and have often found myself discouraged by the task of packing up the house. One night, I was sitting at the kitchen table, so exhausted from the day, feeling sick and a bit discouraged. Mckenna came up to me and asked what was wrong. I gave a little sigh and just said, "oh, mama just has so much to do." She must have known that I meant packing, cause she said, "C'mon, mom, let's go downstairs and clean up....I'll help you." Knowing that the toys downstairs were cleaned up, I asked..."what do you mean, sweetie?" She replied, "I'll help you put all the things in the boxes so you don't have too much to do...c'mon mom, l'll help you." It was too sweet. She then leaned up and gave me a snuggle and a kiss on my cheek. How I love that little girl!


Baby Update

I had my first appointment on Thursday. It went well and I'm about 11 weeks along now. My due date is Sept. 26, sooner than I had anticipated.

Overall, I have been gradually starting to feel better. As long as I am able to get my feet up at some point during the day, and don't push myself too much, I usually make it through the day without feeling too sick.

More updates in the days to come...

First sonogram - you can see the head on the left, 2 little arms, body and little legs. And baby was definitely enjoying his/her new little arms and legs...my doctor said, "it's an active one!" I'm still holding onto the hope that he/she could be a June!


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