Great blog on homemaking

A friend just sent me this blog yesterday. From the little time I spent skimming it over, I already decided to bookmark it. Very helpful and timesaving tips on organizing and managing your home as well as links to other resources.


It's finally COLD!

We've said good-bye (I hope) to that warm weather, had a little snow and the cold is starting to settle in. I know most will call me crazy, but I really love it! And as I said yesterday, I'm ready for a blizzard.

However, Mckenna is a little confused. One day she is running outside without a coat and the next I'm bundling her up with hat, gloves and extra layers. In fact, the other day she pulled out the sidewalk chalk and couldn't quite understand why she couldn't go out to color on the deck. So, we played with sidewalk chalk inside and she drew some pictures.


First snow fall

Last night we had our very first snow fall. It was gorgeous. I LOVE the snow! I love waking up to freshly fallen and untouched snow that gracefully drapes over every tree branch. It's so beautiful! In fact, I am ready for a blizzard. There's nothing like getting so much snow that the hubbies can't go to work and you have to stay inside (but not for too long, we love to play in it), make a fire, and go to the Lees for chili ;o).

Mckenna woke up from her nap yesterday and announced very enthusiastically that there was snow outside and she wanted to go play. She was excited! But unfortunately, it was getting dark and we had to stay inside. But today I bundled both girls up and put them in my phil and teds and went for a nice walk. It was great...cold, but fun!

We stopped to see friends of ours while out and had a snack before venturing back out to come home. I am hoping for many more snow falls before winter is through!


Another scare!

Well, Selah is at it again. Before I say more, let me say this: Mckenna is a lot like her cousin Keenan...easy, predictable, compliant, stays away from danger, etc. Then, for Mark and Kel, came Larsen. He was a bit more challenging, but that was nothing until along came Ty. He is into EVERYTHING and anything he can get his hands on and it's non-stop. It's kinda like one of those action-packed movies where you are on the edge of your seat, waiting for something dramatic or disasterous to happen. Yep, that's the way it is with Ty, but you can't even sit on the edge of your seat. Might as well not even sit down!

So a few nights ago, when I saw Selah Grace reaching for the diswasher to explore it as I was loading it up (with Ty around, don't even try to open your dishwasher to even put anything in!) this thought came to mind: I think we skipped the "Larsen" and went straight to Ty!!! Yes, Selah is a lot like Ty.

Ty locks himself in the house and necessitates a 911 call. Shortly afte that Selah finds herself a nice little candy wrapper and conveniently chokes on it, also requiring a call to 911. And just yesterday, I was upstairs getting dressed as Mckenna was playing with Selah on our main level. I heard something like a "thump, thump....boom" followed by a cry. Then I heard Mckenna say, "Mom, she fell." I come running downstairs and Mckenna is on the couch, playing with...something. I don't see Selah anywhere, but here her crying. I quickly, to my horror, realize the crying is coming from down in the basement. Yep, she managed to fall down the entire flight of stairs. My heart sank. She wasn't crying too hard, more just whinning. I think she was a little in shock. I picked her up and she put her head on my shoulder. After a call the doctor and a few smiles later, we realized, by much grace, she is just fine. But another scare it was. We're grateful to the Lord that our little girl was protected.

So, now we are on a mission to get a few gates for our house. Didn't need any of those for Mckenna!



Dave just left this morning for CA (at 4:30am) until Thursday and we're off to my moms for the next 2 nights. My mom has off tomorrow, so we should have fun!

Not much else going on around here. But here are a few random pictures to enjoy.

Yes, Selah Grace loves spinach and she has recently started doing this.

These 2 little girls so enjoy each other!


And the adventures continue...

If you haven't read my sister's blog recently, than check out the latest Castro/Plunnecke adventure...


Pictures of their personalities

enough said!


Growing so fast

As a friend recently commented about a picture, I both love and do not love this shot. My love and my girlie, with their great smiles. But behind them is a similar picture of them both taken 2 years ago. My little girl is growing up way too fast. May the Lord help me to treasure and enjoy each and every day!


An errand to K's

Mckenna is big enough now that if I ever need something from Kel, I can send Mckenna out the back door and watch her walk to Kel's back. All I need to say is, "wanna go to K's and get _______ for momma?" and Mckenna is running to get into her get-up to go. That includes putting on her crocs and her backback (or packpack as she calls it) and of course can't forget those sunglasses which, to her, are a necessity. There are times that Keenan or even Kel will actually beat Mckenna to it and arrive at our back door with whatever I needed cause girlie is a little slow in "getting ready" (I'm afraid this is a little inclination of what might be to come!). So, this past Sunday, I needed some yeast to make rolls. Mckenna still had her dress on from church. She ran to put everything on. I tried to hurry her along with "sugar lump, don't think you need your sunglasses" to which she responded..."it's too bright mom." But she couldn't find hers so she put on Selah Grace's (slightly too small). Anyway, she was quite the sight!

Here she is running back yelling, "here you go, mom....from K!"


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